The White House, Washington DC, 1976 page 2Page 3Acknowledgments page 4Foreword, page 5Foreword, page 6Foreword, page 7Foreword, page 8Red Jacket II, 1977, page 9Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, 1977, page 10Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA, 1977, page 11Homage to Brancusi, 1977, page 12Homage to Georgia O'Keefe, 1976, page 13Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC, 1976  page 14Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC, 1977, page 15Dallas City Hall, 1977, page 16Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Ft. Worth, TX, 1977, page 17Dallas Fort Worth Airport Tryptch (left panel), 1976, page 18Dallas Fort Worth Airport Tryptch (center panel), 1976, page 18-19Dallas Fort Worth Airport Tryptch (right panel), 1976, page 19Four Poplars II, 1977, page 20Sand Dune II, 1977, page 21Burk Burnett Park, Forth Worth I, 1976, page 22Dallas Hall SMU, 1977, page 23Untitled (contemporary nude), 1977, page 24Untitled (studio nude), 1977, page 25Homage to Hobson Pittman, 1977, page 26Homage to Alberto Collie, 1977, page 27New Heights II, 1977, page 28Foreword, page 29Foreword, page 30Foreword, page 31Index, page 32Index, page 33Index, page 34.jpgThe Kite II, 1977, page 35Back cover, Philadelphia to New York, Seaplane, 1977